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This could be goodbye, old beans!

Yes, it's true - this could be one's last entry! There's another Harry faker and instead of taking the whole thing lightly, they are being overly serious and sensitive about this! Just because they were here first they think that one should leave :-( tis sad but they aren't going to give up and I'm not going to be threatened and told to leave like that. They have no right to tell me to leave when it's only a bit of bloddy fun! I'm just messing about and having a laugh but oh no! No fun allowed here. So one must say goodbye :-( For the time being that is. I'm going to get this sorted with MBP and if then tell me to leave then so be it, but this so was much fun and I don't wanna leave! :-(

I want my Mummy! *cries*

Harold Judd
(You may know One from pop sensation, McFly. But this time next week, you may not know One :-( )
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