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One is back!

Yes one went away for a while but one found it inessinaly boring! So one is back with his tail between his legs askign for sympathy and forgiveness. Well actually I'm just back because I'm not at Mummy's house today and I'm lonely.

Oh I have missed writing this journal so!

Goodbye for now old chums!
Harold Judd
(of course you know one! I was number One for two weeks thanyouvermuch!)
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i'm glad you are back sir.
i have added you to my friends list sir
I hope you do not see any problem of any sort in this action

what is this impertinant "hipety hop" language? I believe the word you are looking for is 'hello'

I'm glad I'm back as well!

one sees no problem in this arrangment

*accepts graceful bow* welcome to the land of posho my child

(Ofcourse you know me, I'm number one AGAIN)
hello sexy