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One is number one

Hello old chaps I believe you may have heard the news that I Harold Mark Christopher...etc Judd am currently number one in the music charts. Jolly good show for me, eh?

Today we went to brighton to do a roadshow. I say, Brightons a common old place isn't it? If Mummy saw the behaviour of those silly girls she would be appalled. There would be no more roadshows for young Harold!

Anywho, I wish to inform you that my absense from TOTP saturday was because I was ill. Probably due to the fact that the last time I ate, Robbie was still in Take That...

enough of my ramblings, I'm off

Harold Judd
(Ja, it is I of McFly fame. If you don't know one, then our PR will be sacked immediatley)
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I searched on the intrest Uppingham and this journal came up. Did this guy go to Uppingham school and where are you from or are you just a scary fan?

I'm confused!
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