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Nbame Change, my dears

Well, i've decided. I am all grown up (Im 18 years old and 4 days now!!) and Harry is such a childish name. So I want to be referred to as Harold from now on. But the record company are NOT pleased with this. "Harold is not a 'cool' name" they said to one. Well I shall be 'Harry' to all females but Hrold to male s(yum!) and old beans who I know or love dearly (that includes anyone reading this!!)

Mummy likes Harold, she has always called me that, except for when she treats me like a baby, which I just adore! I love Mummy!

So that is all one wanted, i shall converse with you when i feel the time nessary or right.

Harold Judd
(You still will not know me from pop sensation McFLY)
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